Starting in 2019 I joined Fly on the Wall Productions, an award-winning production studio that focuses on creating documentary-style storytelling videos. As Director of Photography and Editor, I filmed and edited numerous videos for our mainly educational, medical, and non-profit clients. 
Below is a sampling of the work with a short description of my roles in the project.

A Day in the Life of a Neurology Student at Mount Sinai Hospital
I worked with a producer to conduct interviews and film Verite b-roll as the main videographer. 
After filming I worked as the main editor to craft and assemble the final video.
A look into being a Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Student
For this project, I worked as Director of Photography in charge of the cinematography and capturing interviews and B-roll.
I worked in collaboration with another editor on the post-production and editing.
From Darkness to Light   
A documentary about an HIV Clinic in NYC and how it has helped the lives of its patients.
I worked as Director of Photography to film the interviews and capture the modern-day B-roll. 
I worked with our producers and team to help build the narritive.
A Virtual Tour for the incoming students of the Touro College of Dental Medicine
I worked as Director of Photography to film the Interviews and B-roll. 
Collaborating with our Producer I was the main editor during post-production.
A spotlight on the Visiting Doctors Program at Mount Sinai 
I worked as Director of Photography working with other videographers in order to capture interviews and film the B-roll.
A Documentary about Mount Sinai Hospital's journey through the pandemic
With our company working as a team to produce this documentary, I contributed to filming the
 interviews and capturing the B-roll. I also assisted in the editing of the documentary.

My roles for this piece consisted of Cinematogrpaher and main Editor.

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