I am a first-generation American, whose family came from the former Soviet Union. I was taught Russian as a second language and was prepared to follow in my parents’ scientific footsteps until I picked up a camera. I quickly realized that I had the ability to tell powerful stories through a lens the same way a writer does with a pen.
During my time at Rochester Institute of Technology, I have participated in multiple large group journalism projects. During the 2016 elections, my program partnered with WXXI, Rochester’s local NPR station, where I was able to create a multimedia piece about first-time voters. I was also able to create video content during the New York State Special Olympic Winter Games with the rest of my Photojournalism department as we worked to cover the stories and events during the competition, this gave me the chance to practice working with large teams and meeting strict deadlines.

In the past two years, I have been able to further my experience and gain a different perspective by telling stories abroad. Last October, I went to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to film a video on the high infant mortality rate and the conditions that add to the problem at the main city hospital. Earlier that summer, I also traveled to Kosovo to take a 6-week workshop about post-conflict photography in the region Meredith Davenport, where I was able to shoot multiple stories with people who were living with the effects of the past war.
I specialize in event coverage, candid street photography and storytelling. If you are interested in any of my photographs for prints or want me to cover any of your events, or you just want to ask me a question please get in touch and I'll be happy to talk.

Phone: (949) 648-1094
Email: shirmanboris@gmail.com
Work published by:
WHEC: Rochester NBC [on air]

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