I am a first-generation American, whose family came from the former Soviet Union. I was taught Russian as a second language and was prepared to follow in my parents’ scientific footsteps until I picked up a camera. I quickly realized that I had the ability to tell powerful stories through a lens the same way a writer does with a pen.

I studied Photojournalism at Rochester Institute of Technology graduating in 2019. I have also had the opportunity to cover stories in Honduras and Kosovo and was selected to attend the Eddie Adam's XXXI workshop. In 2019 I co-produced the coverage of the NYS Special Olympics Winter Games. I was awarded first place in RIT NPPA’s What We Do Competition for Multimedia documentary in 2018 and awarded second and third place in 2019. My films “The Fighter” and “Coming Back” were selected to be a part of Rochester’s One Take Film Festival. 
I am currently available for new freelance opportunities, based in Brooklyn, N.Y. I recently left my position as Director of Photography and Editor at Fly on the Wall Productions. In my position, I worked with corporate and non-profit companies. I collaborated with producers and editors to capture and edit content in order to create docu-styled stories. I Interfaced with clients on location, in the studio, and remotely to set up and film interviews and capture B-roll content often working on strict deadlines, and managing multiple projects concurrently. My responsibilities included managing company equipment, maintaining and establishing company visual filming styles, managing freelance videographers, and training new hires. 
Phone: (949) 648-1094
Email: shirmanboris@gmail.com
Work published by:
Contributed video for Special Olympics: Cori Piels
WHEC: Rochester NBC [on air]
I am available for freelance business at this time.
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