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In December of 2018 Jackie Diller and I started planning, recruiting, and scheduling over 70 Journalists to provide complete coverage of the 6 different sports that were taking place over a two day period starting on February 22nd 2019. 

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In order to do this Jackie and I corresponded with Special Olympics of NY employees to coordinate our coverage. We also worked with students of all skill level to arrange them into working teams in order to effectively capture the events. With Jackie and my guidance, teams comprising of journalists, photographers and producers worked to capture the events, once done in the field they brought back footage to a central headquarters where editors and writers updated the website throughout the day.
Our goal for the Winter Games was to create a website that would update in real time in order provide the athletes, their families, and the public a record of the amazing feats of skill and athleticism that was taking place along with a glimpse into the amazing community the Special Olympics is able to bring together. 
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