Steve Esser, left , along with other pilots, sit and take notes during a morning briefing about the current and forecasted conditions that might affect their balloon flights
Passengers and crew members of the Jim Doerer's balloon.
People who want balloon rides can buy them from this booth early in the morning.
David Lee a crew member of Breaking Wind waits for the final clearance for the balloon flights.
Noah ClarkĀ is a crew member of the balloon "Endeavor".
Stephen Shoots and his daughter, Hayden, arrive early in the morning to watch the balloons launch
Carroll Teitsworth, right, captain of the Remax balloon, and Jim Williams, a member of his chase crew, start to inflate the Remax hot air balloon. The process of inflating a hot air balloon involves first unrolling the balloon and blowing it up with a high powered fan then finally using hot air to raise the balloon up and off of the ground.
Nick Brady helps to inflate the Remax balloon.
Carroll Teitsworth, center, captain of the Remax balloon, inflates the balloon with the help of Tim Brady, left, and Jim Williams.
Carroll Teitsworth, captain of the Remax balloon, works with the inflating balloon.
Jim Williams, crew member of the Remax balloon, helps steady the balloon during inflation.
Carroll Teitsworth, captain of the Remax balloon, releases hot air into the balloon.
Arial view of the Dansville Airport, while hosting the hot air balloon festival.
Carroll Teitsworth flies his balloon low over a corn field.
Nick Brady slows the balloon during it's decent.
"Every flight is different, every group of passengers is different. Never boring, at times you get fatigued but never boring." says pilotĀ Carrol Teitsworth.
Tim Brady stands guard to keep the balloon from catching on the tree.
"Every profession has its own language; in aviation, this breakdown at the end is called 'stuffing it'" said Carrol Teitsworth as he was packing up the balloon with the help of Nick Brady.
Nick Brady gifts Don Kelly a bottle of champagne as a thank you for giving the team permission to land the balloon on his yard.
Carroll Teitsworth shares a traditional cup of wine to celebrate a successful flight.
Adam Sefkow and his baby son Dean walk around the booths at the hot air balloon festival.
Sharon Barrett mans her husband's, John Barrett, pictured in the reflection, wood carved clock booth
John Barrett does all of the wood carvings in their basement where his wife jokes " I lock him in the basement and let him do his carvings... sometimes I bring him a sandwich."

Douglas Cornfield pitches his honey to costumers.

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