John Cloughen, left, Andres Vazquez, center, and John Snow, right, explore an abandoned building that the team is using for training.

John Snow, Engineer on the truck at Santa Ana's Fire Station 71, takes a moment break during a training activity in Santa Ana, C.A. After the building was foreclosed, the city opened it up for firefighter training. John and the crew practiced how to most efficiently cut holes in the roof to let the smoke out. 

Nicholas Loevenguth, left, John Cloughen, center, Andres Vazquez, right, Orange County firefighters, fix the chain on their chain saws during a training session in Santa Ana, C.A. The team is training on an abandoned building, practicing cutting holes in the roof in order to let out smoke during a fire.

Andres Vazquez, a medic at Santa Ana's Fire Station 71, lifts weights as part of his one hour required work out. Firefighters are required to do an hour of moderate exercise a day, but they must be careful not to overdo it because they still have to be ready to go out on a call.

Kyle Cain, medic, shops at the grocery store with the rest of his crew. Firefighters must purchase their own food for the fire house. The teams are also supposed to travel together at all times with the fire vehicle while on duty.

John Cloughen, right, and Jeremy Quinn, center, serve themselves dinner. Station 71 eats almost every dinner together and has a rotating schedule for who cooks.

John Cloughen, right, and Jeremy Quinn, left, horse around after dinner. This team at Station 71 has made a practice to play a card game in order to determine who does what chores.

Jeremy Quinn, firefighter sits in the fire truck while on the way to a emergency call.

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